Voting is open for the 2013 MAD Blog Awards

You kindly nominated me. Merci beaucoup (x1000). Now, dear readers, I must ask another favour of you: please could you spare just two minutes of your time to vote for me in the finals of the MAD Blog Awards 2013?

It really doesn’t take long to vote, and although I kept going on about how much I didn’t mind about winning last year, having watched all those trophy-takers punching the air and glugging the bubbles at the 2012 bash, it didn’t look half bad.

Last year the coveted title of Fashion & Beauty Blogger of the year went to the very deserving The Baby Wears Prada. It’s a brill blog, by an aces mummy; and how on earth can you top a beautiful little girl in fabulously-styled outfits? This year, little Lucie isn’t in the running, but I’m facing stiff competition from Maggie Stone Vintage, Side Street Style, Style me Sunday and fellow 2012 finalist, Transatlantic Blonde.

They all look fabulously young and groovy, don’t they? Yikes. But if you fancy giving this old and not-so-groovesome bird your vote, she will be eternally grateful. And in an obvious attempt to twist your arm, here are a few Fashion Detective highlights from the last 12-months of parenting in style (allegedly), to show you exactly what you’re voting for…

El won a 2012 Brit Award for Best Newcomer in a Cravat (TM)

My sunglasses reached all new levels of largeness (as did El’s tum after all the food and drink we consumed last year – hic)

We took Fashion Detective on tour to Turkey, blogging every day

…and sharing all our (very brightly-coloured) fun

I turned into the Queen of the Damned (for one night only)

We found an ice cream to match my dress (and a boat to match my tights) in Bognor

El grew a birthday ‘tache…

…then conducted the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

I got special nails for the occasion and *everything*

We took a very fashionable teddy’s tea party at the Montcalm

And found time to launch the London Olympic Games (ahem)

I turned chameleon on some Beatle street art

We “acquired” a souvenir from the Dark Knight Rises premier

The kids took Liverpool by storm in the summer…

…and the Harry Potter Studio Tour got the Fashion Detective treatment

We got into the Olympic spirit in Hyde Park

…and at Horseguards Parade….

…and in Cardiff

…and at the Olympic Stadium

I checked out many fashion shows, including Fearne Cotton’s

El did Halloween in style

I finally got my dream jacket

And a groovy new hat

We had our annual Winter Wonderland treat
My cocktail consumption (and vintage dress wearing) hit all new heights

We rounded off a great year by jetting off to Tenerife

And I got straight into spring 2013 mode back in the UK, natch.

And so ends my shameless plea for votes (for today, anyway). Go on – you know you want to.

Written by Johanna Payton