Bikini time with Heidi Klein

It seems a little optimistic to be writing about swimwear on a train to Bradford, but you never know… Perhaps we’ll be greeted by balmy temperatures and outdoor swimming opportunities aplenty.

Failing that, lets look ahead to the summer. It’s just around the corner and after the coldest and longest winter, like, ever, there’s every reason to assume we’ll be sweltering in a long-lasting heatwave.

I need this to happen for more important reasons than topping up my tan: we’re looking at a good few weeks of homelessness / sleeping on couches over the summer, while the work we want to have done on the new house takes place.

The only way I can get my head around the inconvenience (did someone say “no plumbing”???) and potential (inevitable) impact this will have on my wardrobe is to fantastise about the hottest summer ever…

I won’t need anything except a beautiful bikini and a strong cocktail.

(Obviously the stress of the move will aid whistlestop weight loss and miraculous toning up of legs, bum and tum.)

So all I really have to do is choose a capusle wardrobe of hot bikinis and beach accessories and pray that Tooting Lido offers free wifi. Life = sorted.

Starting at the top and working down, I wouldn’t mind a piece or two of designer beach wear from Heidi Klein.

Brights pink triangle rope bikini by Heidi Klein @ Avenue 32

Although these pieces are simple, they are quite pricey – but they are also hugely stylish and will never date. If you consider swimwear to be an investment, it’s definitely a luxury label worth looking into.

The 2013 collection is made up of timeless triangle rope bikinis in bold colour blocks, as well as bright, white classics in balcony and halter neck shapes.

They are great designs for hols, of course, but the simplicity makes them ideal for hot, sunny weather at home too, whether you’re on the beach or in your back garden.

White Marseille bow bikini by Heidi Klein @ Avenue 32

And finally, in my fantastical imaginings of temporary homelessness, I’ll just have to swan around in a hopelessly glamorous kaftan.

And Heidi Klein’s pure white – and perfectly elegant – Marseille kaftan, fringed with little pom poms, is perfect for skipping around in when the sun is shining. Just the ticket.

White Marseille pom pom kaftan by Heidi Klein @ Avenue 32

Images from Heidi Klein. Compiled in association with Avenue 32.

Written by Johanna Payton