Cut out shoulder shirts and blouses

Let me tell you how I got my paws on the cut out shoulder, bold print monochrome shirt I was wearing last night.

Over Easter, regular readers might remember I did a shoot down in Hove, near Brighton, wearing a fab little prom dress I borrowed from

Well, after said post, the lovely ladies doing the PR for Glamorous sent me something very different to try.

I wouldn’t have chosen a cut out shoulder blouse in a million years. It’s not my normal style. Neither is wearing black and white on a night out.

But after wearing the shirt, which has a natty graphic letter print, I got so many compliments that I was totally won over by it.

I wore it with black jeans and black studded boots, with colour-popping coming in the form of tangerine nails, bright red earrings and Mac Morange lipstick.

After a little fashion triumph like that, I’m urging you all to invest in a similar shirt. It’s a bit sexy, but not overwhelming or tarty, and it works really well with skinny jeans.

My version is £24 and avaialble in sizes 8 to 14.

Or take a peek at some of these alternatives…

Silence + Noise @ Urban Outfitters, £42

Missguided, £12.49 (sale price)

Dorothy Perkins, £30, £20, £35

Product images as credited. With thanks to

Written by Johanna Payton