Fashion in the Bank

The last thing I should be doing today is lusting after new wardrobe staples for spring…but I can’t help it.

I’m stuck in a quiet patch work-wise (groan) and any money I do have is supposed to be channelled into the house move.

But when we finally pack that removals truck up, I feel it’s necessary to have a capsule wardrobe for the weeks and months of renovations ahead…

I won’t lie to you, I have been checking out the style of every chirpy candidate on Location, Location, Location, Grand Designs, Homes Under the Hammer etc etc, and I’m feeling there is much (oceans of) room for improvement.

I don’t want to be stood around supervising the builders in drab jeans and saggy jersey tops. No flippin’ way.

But I can’t really shimmy around in my usual brightly-coloured tea dresses. That look is not conducive to major building work, sadly.

So I need a collection of cute and casual clothes that are good for spring, suitable for wearing in a rubble-filled establishment.

You can bet your sweet bippy that I’m going to live in Converse for the next six months, and I came across Bank Fashion while I was looking for a new pair this morning.

Packed with casual, street-style wear, and lots of well-known brands (including one of my absolute faves, Vero Moda) there’s tons on here I could wear over the summer months, while I’ll be living out of a suitcase. I’m thinking comfy-casual day dresses, skinny jeans with oversized shirts and bright print midi dresses with hi-tops. This is as casual as it gets for me.

So I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a little wish-list; I reckon I could mix and match these Fashion Detective-friendly pieces perfectly to style my way through the adventure ahead…

Converse @ Bank Fashion, £52

Glamorous @ Bank Fashion, £25

G-STAR @ Bank Fashion, £49

Vero Moda @ Bank Fashion, £25

Glamorous @ Bank Fashion, £25

Blonde & Blonde @ Bank Fashion, £10

Superdry @ Bank Fashion, £35

Ribbon @ Bank Fashion, £22

Vero Moda @ Bank Fashion, £22

Converse @ Bank Fashion, £47

Images from Bank Fashion

Written by Johanna Payton