Special start to spring with glamorous.com

Well, we’d have struggled to have a more special day than today. And special days call for special dresses…

We popped down to the seaside this afternoon for three reasons. Reason one, the sun had his hat on; reason two, I wanted to shoot this fabby sleeveless summer prom dress from glamorous.com; reason three (most important of all) we wanted to gatecrash the engagement celebrations of our dear, old friends, Lel (aka Story Frame Photography) and John (woooo hooooo, you guys).

It was a fabulous afternoon filled with fizz, food, ice cream, photography and fun. And the most romantic marriage proposal story, like, ever.

We started our adventure at the exceptionally family-friendly George Payne pub in Hove where we bagged ourselves a beach hut to eat lunch in. There‘s a cute playground (with a Tardis!) for the kids too

The roast parsnip crisps made this Sunday lunch a stunner

Post-lunch we waddled down to the seafront at Hove to shoot some electric blue

I styled the dress (which is a v affordable £42) for a colour-max effect with layered blue tights and shocking blue boots

Best thing about this prom dress? The built-in petticoat. Rock on

The zip-up back makes it easy to pop this dress on and off (for the best when you’ve just eaten a huge Sunday dinner)

True blue (unless you count the nails): blue rings, layered blue tights, those infamous electric blue Topshop boots

Impossible to walk in for any length of time – inescapably funky

Barefoot on the pebbles: El gets in on the act
We shot straight over to Marrocco’s on the seafront to thaw out: there is soooo much more to this place than meets the eye (people queue down the street for the ice cream, if that starts to give you the idea)
My post-shoot treat: hot chocolate with marshmallows (could I have possibly consumed any more calories today?)

The Mister went for a chocolate nut sundae: chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream with roasted nuts, chocolate and stracciatella sauces

And El gets stuck into his customised scoops: mango, chocolate and vanilla with chocolate sauce. We just had dessert at Marrocco’s today but looking at the delicious Italian food and the happy faces of those eating it, we’ll be back soon for scrummy Italian seaside cuisine and the charm-laden, retrorestaurant atmosphere

With thanks to glamorous.com and Brand Nation (and HUGE congratulations to J&L)

Written by Johanna Payton