Dressed for the garden

Today I got a glimpse of the life I might have, a few months from now. We were over at the house we are buying (have almost bought, in fact) with the wonderful architect I met through this very blog (it’s a good story, I tell thee) and the builder my other half has been working with for years.

Measurements were being made and conversations about planning and plumbing and loft space were being had (much more exciting than it sounds), but I was mainly taking advantage of the garden in the warm, May sunshine (and trying to pretend it doesn’t absolutely stink of cat shit; it’s put me right off ever owning a moggy).

Animal excrement aside, it’s been 10 years since I’ve had a garden, and sitting out there today has now made me long for one. I could be having breakfast in it on days when the weather allows; working out there on my laptop; hosting barbecues for the lovely local ladies who I’m lucky enough to know already….

…it could all happen.

After a seven (seven!) month house-moving slog, we should be just days away from exchanging contracts and moving in – but this is the bit where fingernails (and nerves) are frayed. Until the ink is dry, I can’t relax; until legal, binding contracts are in place, I’ll sleep with one eye open. I won’t really believe it’s actually happening until I have the keys in my possession and shovel out that feline poo from the patio.

None of this is very glamorous, and there’s a whole heap of ripping out, remodelling and dusty, inconvenient building work to be done before I ring up Living Etc and tell them to gedda loada me.

But the garden is first thing on the agenda for the summer, so we can have an outside space to seek refuge in; a place to soak up the sun and take stock of what we’ve finally (finally!) achieved by leaving our beloved flat behind.

And in that (cat-crap-free) open space of our very own, I shall (obviously) be compelled to wear the most captivating, floral-tastic garden-wear I can possibly muster…

Ted Baker, £109

Bonprix, £27.99

Joe Browns, £29.95

Miss Selfridge, £37

Swedish Hasbeens @ Urban Outfitters, £69

Product images as credited. Lead image from Ted Baker.

Written by Johanna Payton