Gold London skyline necklace by Mona Mara

I can’t remember if it was a stylist or a jewellery designer who once told me, during an interview, that the cool thing to do when it comes to accessories is to pick a signature piece, something you love, something that will stick in people’s minds, and then wear it all the time (or as often as possible).

My rings are sorted thanks to marriage and heirlooms, but necklace-wise, I’m always on the look out for that very special piece of bling: and this might be it.

A gorgeous, standout gold plated (over brass) pendant in the distinctive shape of the London skyline.

Seriously – how brilliant.

It’s by Mona Mara and is £58 – and if you have time to browse, you’ll find that the whole collection is lustworthy.

Definitely something else for me to save up for (in addition to furniture).

Written by Johanna Payton