Made in Chelsea fashion round-up: Episode 6, series 5

No delay this week, girls and guys. Let’s crack on with all the scandal and fashion from Made in Chelsea episode 6, series 5.

So Spencer and Lucy finally went on a proper date – to Paris no less. After being decidedly unimpressed with Spenny’s fluent French (ha ha) Lucy did appear to succumb to his slithery charms – a view of the Seine will do that to a girl.

Louise, natch, was gutted – but at least it forced her to admit that sleeping with your ex “most evenings” isn’t normal (I’ll say!)

Meanwhile, Andy “buckled up” in order to unceremoniously ditch Fran and face Spencer’s “I can have Louise whenever I want” music. Was I the only viewer to get slightly excited (yes, in that way) when Spenny and Andy had their little cat fight?

I must say, after months (or is it years now? I guess it is) of being Team Spenny, I am deffo in Camp du Nostril now. He is probably just as bad as Spencer in the love rat stakes – but he’s just sooooo cute. And much better than most at snogging under the glare of a TV camera.

And can I just say bloody well done Binky for asking the question every girl asks her bff when she starts going out with a new man: “Have you seen his willy?”


In other news, Francis got his mouth around the biggest sandwich ever seen on screen – and buried the hatchet with Spencer (sort of); Mark Francis did the best phoney phone call ever “call me back when you can do a shoot with Valentinio…please” (err, what?) and pimped-up Binks “Palladian architecture” stylee (confused? don’t worry darling, just go with the flow); Proudlock referred to Jamie’s heeled “Prince boots” as “bad ass”; and Victoria popped her boobs into champagne glasses whilst dressed as a giant tangerine.

Now, here’s some fashion. In the words of Mark Francis, Big Kiss….

Let’s talk Louise first because her bowling date with Andy was just so sweet (look how keen she is!) and she looked hot to trot in the green and white printed shirt by Acne

Patia Currency Print Shirt by Acne
Grab yourself a purple version by Acne from mywardrobe.com (£250)

It’s not the first time Louise has worn this lovely, chunky necklace and a couple of people have emailed/messaged me to see if I know where it’s from

Well, I haven’t found Louise’s yet (do tell if you’ve seen it anywhere), but here’s a style that will provide a v similar look from ASOS (£25)

I’d like to say that we’re past beanie hat wearing season – but looking out of the window makes me think “not quite”

Grab this little Ted Baker dude for £22.50 in the House of Fraser sale

Phoebe left her trademark street style behind at the champagne tasting party and looked gorgeous in a pale grey and white high neck tea dress (with lots of ruffles!)

The dress is question is the “Effie” style by alice + olivia @ Oxygen Boutique (£530) – and it’s simply beautiful

Screen grabs from 40D. Product images as credited.

Written by Johanna Payton