Barker & Stonehouse furniture frenzy

On Saturday, my fella did a very dangerous thing: he took me to a furniture store of epic “shabby chic” proportions and then suggested that we blow some of our precious renovations budget on the funky shiz…

The shop in question is Barker & Stonehouse, a Northern brand that has just opened its first London store at the site of the old Price’s Candles factory in Battersea.

If (like me) you’re partial to a fashionable interior, what a sexy experience shopping there is.

I wanted everything. I found my dream love seat (more of that soon), bed, dining room dresser…everything. As well as the rustic furniture, there are lush accessories to browse, you can perch on the chairs you’re about to buy in a lovely cafe and – of course – you can buy Farris (and Price’s) candles.

I don’t need anywhere near this much encouragement, to be honest, and it took about three minutes 20 seconds flat for me to set my heart on a fantabulous – massive – table made with reclaimed wood, painted contrasting colours and distressed.

And to go with? A matching bench, three red (industrial vintage-style) metal dining chairs (below) and two of the frankly delicious blue Bleecker chairs above.

And we may sound a bit spendthrifty here, but Barker & Stonehouse actually have a brilliant sale on the go right now to celebrte the opening of the store and the hole in our budget isn’t too big (more of a gentle dent).

Images from Barker & Stonehouse

Written by Johanna Payton