Boo to a Goose vintage lace dress

Before I tell you about the amazing evening I’ve just had at the Hippodrome Casino (think prawns like fingers, battered oysters, “snake eyes” cocktails, a steak bigger than my stomach and a full-on burlesque revue), let me tell you about the special dress I was wearing…

Embracing my love of pale pink – and my addiction to vintage – this is much more Mad Men than I’d usually plump for, but I’m into the look.

And it was certainly perfect for a burlesque show.

I got it from a natty vintage stall at the Crystal Palace festival last weekend, from a gorgeous lady called Lady Boo who runs Boo to a Goose, a personal vintage shopping and events service.

I adored everything Lady Boo had to offer – and I hear tell that you can make an appointment to visit her attic of vintage treasures and blow your budget one-to-one stylee (you will get a lot for your money, I promise).

I might just have to make a date with her and see if she’ll let me photograph more of her must-have dresses to show you.

And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, when you’ll not only find out how the dress went down (!) in the casino, but also what happens when Kitty Bang Bang sets her nipple tassells alight…

Written by Johanna Payton