Guest post at mumdrum

Last year, I helped to write some content for a new parenting website called The Mumdrum (it’s related to, the wedding website where I’m freelance features editor).

It’s a different kind of parenting site as the idea is you use it more like a social network than the usual mumsnet-style forum, with innovative features like Memory Books.

The thing I really liked about it is when they moved the existing Baby Talk forum across from hitched to the new site, lots of members were involved in creating their new home: a bit of people power on t’internet is never a bad thing.

Because I work quite closely with Sarah, co-founder and chief mumdrummer, I offered to do the first ever guest post for the site and in the spirit of socialism (?) we asked the mumdrum members to choose their fave of three topics I was keen to write about.

They chose summer holiday essentials for kids – so please do pop along and have a butcher’s at the post, and the rest of the site (if you’re a mum, obvs).

The weirdest thing about all this is that I was chatting to a colleague at work about Boden clothes on Monday, as she’d just done a haul for herself and her daughter, and when she showed me the dress her daughter had picked out for herself it was the gorgeous 50s-style shift above, as featured in the mumdrum guest post.

Great fashion minds think alike, whatever their age!

Written by Johanna Payton