Petrol blue Biba bag

I certainly am a lucky little fashion fan, you know.

Tomozza, I’m going on a (gulp) work’s night out. First one for about, oooh, 11 years…

(The last one ended in an almost-punch-up outside the Bluebird and the loss of a job – less said about that the better.)

I actually like the people I’m working with now, so a good night beckons: and as I’m running a training course on Saturday I cannot, under any circumstances, a) drink too much, or b) stay out past 10pm.

If you catch me Tweeting booze-fuelled nonsense past midnight, I expect you to call the police. Or my mum.

Anyway, the knowledge that I must retain a certain sense of decorum leads me to choose something sweet and girly for the occasion: so I think I’ll do my best Molly Ringwald impression in a pale pink vintage 80s frock and heeled ankle boots.

And I have just the accessory to go with. Thanks to the generous peeps at House of Fraser I got my hands on a beautiful Biba leather tote, in a gorgeous shade of petrol blue and embossed with the Biba logo no less.

I’ve been taking it to work every day and I am as in love with a bag as it’s possible to be. (I’ve had loads of compliments about it too.)

Although it’s a tote, it’s not too big, so it’s ideal if you’re going straight out after work, but I can fit all the essentials in there each day.

Made with soft leather, this brilliant Biba handbag comes in purple too – but I think the deep teal is going to contrast fantastically with the candy floss dress.

I shall show you some piccies anon.

Now, if I can just avoid vodka shots and angry altercations, I might actually convince my colleagues that I’m a real lady!

Written by Johanna Payton