Neon Beats Pill by Dr Dre review

I love a fashionable gadget as much as the next person, and in my line of work I often come across something that looks swish, and promises to do everything bar make the breakfast.

Quite often the reality is a bit different. I’m blinded by science and if something is too tough to use or doesn’t look as good as it did on the tin, I lose interest.

But this little baby, the limited edition neon orange Beats Pill by Dr. Dre, is an absolute blinder…

The keen-eyed amongst you might spot a wee write-up in a broadsheet near you next (ahem) weekend, but here it is in all its glory on my blog, in my garden.

The speed version is that it’s a wireless, funky-ass speaker that you can easily play and control (from up to 30ft away) through your iPhone / MP3 / laptop  etc…anything Bluetooth enabled, basically.

For ages I’ve had a little speaker box thang that plugs into the iPod or iPhone and I loved it – particularly on holidays. But if you forget to turn it off (music playing or not), the batteries drain, which isn’t condusive to saving the planet or my cash flow.

This baby has a rechargeable built-in battery – with seven hours battery life (making it the bestest music gadget for picnics, garden parties, holidays…) – so that worry is now gone.

It’s dead easy to use too: I simply hooked-up via Bluetooth, synching it to my phone in seconds, and then the glorious sounds of John, George, Ringo and Paul (and some other stuff I listen to – it isn’t all Beatles) came booming forth.

El thinks it’s amazing, natch, particularly when I treat him to a bit of modern music. Like Rudimental and Disclosure and, erm, Olly Murs? (My heart never skips a beat, if I’m honest.)


This gorgeous, slinky gadget is perfect for summer fun

Also, you can answer the phone through it. Nice. And it is small and the pill-based design is sleek and the (new, limited edition) five neon colour range (blue, orange, green, yellow and hot pink) is eye-popping….the marketing material says “just what the Dr. ordered”, and I would definitely agree.

You would have laughed, though, if you’d been a fly on the wall when we drove up to Yorkshire at the weekend. We had the Raconteurs blaring out and I happened to plot a map on the iPhone because I didn’t have a clue where we were going and every now and again the music would gently fade and a nice man would tell us where to go.

Yes, my friends. Years after everyone else, we discovered the beauty of Sat Nav. By accident.

We are so cool.

With thanks to Beats by Dre.

Written by Johanna Payton