Mad blog awards 2013

Well kids, we didn’t win again this year. 

El is a bit sulky, so I hear (he wanted his photographic talents to be celebrated!), so I am dashing home on the bus in sky high, sky blue heels to comfort him (and also I am having my roots done at 9am tomorrow…bad timing).

The v worthy winners were the vintage-tastic Natalie & Lil from Style me Sunday.
I got to wear a fabulous “Ribena dress” (evidence to follow) from TK Maxx, and met some lovely ladies.
I also found out what a “slut drop” is (I want to see evidence of that – and Mr. Mozzarella’s ladle – tomorrow).
Dunno if I will try to get on that particular emotional roller coaster again next year but thank you so much to everyone who voted this time around.

Written by Johanna Payton