Cara Delevigne makes us want…eyebrow surgery??

Years back, my beautiful, late Auntie Dee told me never to pluck my eyebrows. Mine were amazing, she said. I should leave them as nature intended. Did I listen? Did I chuff.

I was about 15 or 16 when I put tweezer to brow and went to town. I didn’t do a bad job or anything. I didn’t make them too thin…but oh, how I wish I’d taken AD’s advice because they never did grow back.

I may not have to trim (!), but instead of the wonderful bushy pair God gave me, perfectly in keeping with the trend set by Cara Delevigne (above), I’m cursed with skinny brows forever more. Bah.

Ah, they were the days: sullen pout, crazy perm, Sun-In streaks and full brows. Yes, readers, that’s me circa 1988. I really am THAT old.

And I’m not the only one with regrets. According to new stats released by, demand for eyebrow enhancement treatments has gone up by 127%…

As well as the growth of eyebrow tattoo desires, enquiries for eyebrow transplant surgery have risen too; a highly-skilled surgeon takes individual follicle “units” and transplants them into your eyebrows (ouch!).

But it costs up to about £3,500 – a high price to pay for a thicker brow.

And of course, trends change. I’m mourning the loss of my bushy brows now, but give it a couple of years and skinnies will be back in vogue.

This little infographic spells it out…

Images: 2013 WireImage/Ian Gavan/

Written by Johanna Payton