Candis Blog Awards 2013

You can see on my face that life chaos is just around the corner: that’s me posing in Liverpool for a photo gallery linked to the new day job

I haven’t been giving my blog all the care and attention I usually lavish upon it recently. In part, I have to blame the fact that – for the last six months – I’ve been doing tons of work in-house, after 11 years of being based (mainly) at home.

And the plot thickens, because remember that job interview I told you about? Well I got that job (a job share, if you will – very modern, but that’s why the Guardian is aces), so my life is going to be very different for the foreseeable future.

But I’ll still be working from home at least one day of every week, and seeing as I am constantly berating everyone else for making excuses about their blogging (or lack of it), there’s no good reason why Fashion Detective can’t continue to grow and bore you rigid with fashion chat and all that jazz.

It’s fortuitous timing, perhaps, that amongst all this real life chaos we (royal) have been nominated for a blog award – I know, and I didn’t even have to pester you purple for nominations.

Fashion Detective has been shortlisted for a Candis Magazine Blog Award.

All the more reason for me to keep up the blogging – and if you want to break my runner-up habit of  lifetime (always the bridesmaid…) you can vote for Fashion Detective to win right here.

Written by Johanna Payton