Christmas nail art: caviar

I love a daring nail for the pre-Christmas chaos and – just when I thought I’d seen it all nail art wise – I spotted a girl on the tube tonight with the most a-ma-zing talons…

Painted black, they were with tiny, multi colour disco balls on every other nail. Not too many little balls either. Strategically placed like minature pearls in a rainbow of metallics.


To show you what it looked like, I’ve scored the t’internets (aka Googled for 10 minutes) and the nearest example I can find is on Hail the Nails.

Now, imagine the beads above are metallic pink, green, blue, yellow, purple and spaced out in a more of a diamond-shaped pattern…are you with me?

I must get them.

Wonder if my nail lady could oblige…

Lead image from feelunique.com

Written by Johanna Payton