Gharani Strok jumper with lace shoulders

Fashion: it’s like waiting for a bus, eh?

I’d well and truly spanked my monthly clothes budget yesterday, and then what do I find in TK Maxx this morning? A gorgeous mint green Gharani Strok jumper with white lace shoulders for just £29.99.

As my other half pointed out, I have owned this jumper before – not by Gharani Strok but pretty much the exact same design.

I had a (beloved) pale pink one with the same white lace detailing, but then it got stained (red wine, natch) and I had to send it to fashion heaven.

And why I am so into knits with lace collars or lace details? Come on now – need you really ask?

I wonder if I will base my entire wardrobe on this film forever?

Anwser: yes.

Product image: TK Maxx

Written by Johanna Payton