Jenny Packham dreamy dresses

You know, I’ve got a very significant birthday coming up in February. A milestone and then some.

The party is already planned. It is going to be s-p-e-c-i-a-l. You won’t be surprised by the venue or the theme, but it is going to be epic in any case. And I have a few little tricks up my sleeve to amuse the guests.

One of those tricks has got to be the dress…

I’m actually considering not going vintage for once. But there’s no way I’m doing high street. Not for this occasion.

The question is, how much am I prepared to spend? More than my wedding dress…or is that just daft? The temptation is to go absolutely over the top; and if that’s the case, I have just fallen seriously and completely in love with Jenny Packham’s SS14 cruise collection.

The elegant, retro green dress above is probably my fave (how I adore a long sleeve) but look at my other picks too…just stunning.

I doubt I could save up enough, let alone justify the splurge, but a 39-year-old girl can dream, can’t she?

Images from Jenny Packham

Written by Johanna Payton