Snow effect nail polish – perfect for Christmas?

Perhaps I don’t get out enough, but my thoughts are increasingly consumed by the decision I need to make over my pre-Christmas nails.

There are five weeks to go, which means I will get my nails done twice (I’m a UV gel girl) before Xmas day.

Two colours to cover all that partying. Predictably, I don’t worry about clashing (I actively welcome it) and want something striking that I won’t get bored of.

I’m very attracted to the snow effect polish doing the rounds this year, such as the Nails Inc Snowflake above, so perhaps that’s the best bet for one of the two.

But what of the other colour? I’ve got office parties to think about this year so the pressure is on (in my head, obviously; as if any other human being who comes into contact with me will actually care).

Maybe I’ll pick one of these three…

Topshop, £6

Essie @ Superdrug, £7.99

Barry M, £3.99

Product images as credited

Written by Johanna Payton