70s statement trousers from Le Short

I’m guessing the world and his missus are out on the lash tonight (don’t snog the boss!)

But I, my friends, am at my desk, chucking back a glass of red and lamenting a lack of sleep and a very emotional day at university.

Let me tell you, giving one-to-one tutorials that include a grade revelation is a roller coaster ride and a half…

I’ve experienced the joy and the pain with my proteges. 35 appointments, one after the other. Unless you’re a robot, you can’t do it without steaming through a heart-attack inducing range of emotions. I’ve come home wrung out and feeling mostly like…well, like a teacher.

I needed something to pick me up and the statement trousers that arrived in my inbox managed to raise a smile. They’re by Le Short, a label focused on summer pieces – shorts, playsuits and trousers – in Liberty print cottons.

If only I was going to Tenerife for Christmas again (is it too late to book?) I’d so be posing about on the beach, in an embarrassing fashion, in these French Riviera-inspired beauties.

I’m thinking halter neck bikini top, JuJu jelly shoes in a glitter shade, huge sunnies and a massive sun hat.

Ahhh, one can dream.

Image from Le Short


Written by Johanna Payton