Brits spend Christmas Day in pyjamas – or dressed as Santa…really?

I was pretty surprised yesterday to read that 28% of the nation say they stay in pyjamas for the duration of Christmas Day.


Do they not order 1970s day dresses off eBay then spend hours taking them up with the help of Wonderweb and a hot iron? It can’t just be me…

According to the same survey by Marks & Spencer and Oxfam’s Shwopping initiative*, 45% of us will be wearing a novelty festive fashion item of clothing tomorrow (not me – although I am at work in a sequin skirt and sequin jumper, like a 1980s disco queen trapped in a North London office block on Christmas Eve).

The most shocking news of all is that 26% od the 2,000 people surveyed claimed that they would be wearing a Santa suit to watch the Queen’s speech at 3pm: that’s one in four of us.

I’m struggling to believe that one in four million of us would actually do that.

Far less surprising is the news that the majority (33%) of us deem our mums to be the most festive-fashion proud. But of course.

When I’m dressed like a pink-hued Nerys Hughes circa 1972, serving sprouts from a pyrex dish, I shall think of you all in fake beards and big red pants…

Image from Topshop – PJs £12 in sale

* Commissioned by Marks & Spencer, the survey was conducted online by OnePoll from 12 to 17 December, where a total of 2,000 UK adults were polled.

Written by Johanna Payton