Christmas home styling at M&S

At the risk of offending half my readers, let me admit that I think putting your Christmas tree up before December 14 is a little bit pikey…

As a kid, me and my mum loved nothing more than spotting the crazies who had a tree up in November… what snobs we are/were.

And yet, I adore Chrizbo and every time another tree pic goes up on Facebook I feel a pang of regret.

Come January 2nd, when their needles are dropping, branches are drooping and decor enthusiasm is waning, I may have the last laugh. But for now I am itching for the weekend to rock up so we can trim up.

That gold tree is stuffed with chocolate truffles – oh yeah

To satiate my yearnings, I’ve got a little seasonal display going down on the dining table. I’m mixing gold and silver this year, with pops of pink and red (yes, I am now so sad I actually have a Christmas colour palette).

But don’t panic – I ain’t that posh. There’s a cheesy old poinsettia in the mix (now who’s the pike?) – and fairy lights.

Plus, the gold sequin tree, full of chocolate truffles, is an alternative to chocolate on the tree; last time we did that, all the mice in Tooting invaded our flat and climbed the tree to eat them. Seriously.

If you feel inspired, you can grab loads of similiar Christmas decor bits and bobs from M&S – with 20% off tons of Christmas shiz and homeware until midnight tonight – hurry up!

Love these cute, glittery tealights – they are Frankincense and Myrrh scented (rah!)
Written by Johanna Payton