Hunter colour block wellies

Picture the scene: 2pm on a cold and sunny January day. Two ladies, one in a giant faux fur coat and (expensive) Nike Air trainers, one in lovely suede slip-on shoes, find themselves in the middle of a sodden field on Hampstead Heath.

In the shadow of Kenwood Hall, they squelch through the “leaf litter” under the guise of video shoot reconnaissance.

Feet caked in mud, fingers frost bitten (well, a bit chilly) they rummage around a supposed geocache location to find treasure. After 20 minutes of rifling, they give up the ghost and paddle back through the mulchy source of the lost River Fleet.

Neither pair of shoes is looking good at this juncture.

If only I’d had a pair of Hunter colour block wellies.

We live and learn, kids.

Image from Office

Written by Johanna Payton