Nordic spa detox candle

Finding your ideal candle is like finding your ideal fragrance. Once you get a sniff of “the one” you just know and that’s that.
Before Christmas, I randomly bought a candle in a tin from TK Maxx of a “Nordic Spa” variety.
Now, I’ve never been to a Nordic spa (shame) but if it really does smell like that candle, I’m well keen.
One of my friends described the scent as being “like really nice hash”. M says it whiffs like spicy milk. 
I like to imagine the smell is similar to Alexander Skarsgard’s armpit.
I gave that candle some heavy duty use over the holidays and upon its demise scoured about seven TK Maxx stores for another. No dice.
BUT, the Country Candle Company have since candle-bombed TK Maxx with a “Spa Detox” version that smells exactly the same – I’ve stockpiled four and counting.
Phew, indeed.
Written by Johanna Payton