Winter floral shirt crisis

Two reasons I’m in desperate need of a new floral shirt: one, my trusty old one fell to bits on January 2nd (RIP).

Two, fell in love with Ruby’s black and red number on the Great British Bake Off, a series which totally passed me by but is now very much on my TV watching schedule thanks to the New Year’s Day repeats.

Sadly, I need to watch said show when the other half is out (his view is as follows: “Surely Nigella has proved that aspiring to a twee, Cath Kidson, jolly hockey sticks, bunting-festooned idea of perfection only leads to one thing; hard drug use” – the funny man strikes again).

But every time he’s out earning a perfectly baked crust, I shall fill my boots (or the new gold, strappy 1960s sandals I’ve just had off eBay for my birthday party – more of that coming soon, punters). 

And as for the new floral shirt…

Boohoo Boutique, £20

Mary Portas @ House of Fraser, £34.50 (January sale price)

New Look, £19.99

Uttam @ Debenhams, £17.50 (January sale price)

New Look, £19.99

Images BBC/as credited

Written by Johanna Payton