Rockabilly Moonwalk 2014 – competition

Would this 50s Rockabilly dress be too much for the Moonwalk this year?

Huge apols for the radio silence, kids. There have been exciting meetings to attend, important birthdays to be celebrated, big plans for my small garden to make and – most important of all – training to be done for the 2014 Moonwalk

If there are readers out there who have been visiting Fashion Detective for any length of time, they may remember that I last did the Moonwalk in May 2011. Last time I was on my own, properly powering it up, and managed to get around the Central London course in just under seven hours.

This year I’m taking it slightly easier, aiming for a sub-eight hour time (well, I am 40) and walking in tandem with my very good pal. For the first time, the walk sets off from Clapham Common – home turf; a very welcome development when it comes to heading home post-marathon distance walking.

We’ve got our own special reasons for doing the walk this year, but I thought it might be nice to get you guys involved too, so here’s the deal:

The theme for the walk this year is “rockabilly” and we’re looking for inspired costume suggestions. We have to walk 26.2 miles, so this needs to be something practical, as well as fabulously glamorous.

The winner will be the person who suggests the most sensational idea in the comments section below. The prize will be a £50 donation to our fundraising page on your behalf, I’ll wear your suggestion on the night and will also put the name of the friend or family member you would like me to walk in support (or in memory) of about my person.

I hope this encourages you guys to come up with some creative – and vintage-tastic – ideas for our walk and you’ll be contributing to a great cause in the process.

And if you’d just like to sponsor us, well that would be fab.

Written by Johanna Payton