60s spotty nails by George at Asda

 You know me – always looking for a new nail polish effect: and constantly wowed by anything 60s inspired.

Imagine my delight when George at Asda treated me to a bottle of its 60s Spotty, a limited edition topcoat effect in celebration of the mod era…

As soon as October kicks in, I firmly believe that party effect nails are acceptable daywear, so I popped this straight on over an ice blue base coat.

It’s easy to apply over a pro-manicure (my nails are done with UV Gel), or create your own effects at home using any number of base colours or clear gloss for a full-on spotty effect.

It’s a bargain-tastic £3, avaialable in-store, and if you’re not a 60s chick you could consider another polish from the “dotties” retro range – 50s polka, 70s dotty (black and silver – perfect for Halloween) or 80s multi.


To complement the colour of the spots, and in true sixties stylee, I chose an ice blue pastel effect polish as the base for my 60s-homage nails
Before and after – you can see how just one coat of this spotty polish gives nails lots more interest and impact

This groovy baby limited edition nail polish is available in Asda stores while stocks last

Written by Johanna Payton