Let it all hang out

If you’ve ever been tempted to flash your gash in the name of fashion, now is the time. Wearing underwear as outerwear is a huge trend for spring – and right now, if you’re brave (and mad) enough to get your la-la’s out in sub-zero temperatures.

I embrace this trend. Over the years, I’ve been out with my bra/trolleys on parade numerous times. Yes, I am a fashion victim. Yes, I am an exhibitionist. But this trend has something irresistibly liberating about it, and when you nail it, it looks amazing.

Happily, going out in your underwear is a fashion fad that doesn’t rely on gigantic boobies and a microscopic bottom. Quite the opposite. When Madonna busted out her conical bra circa 1990, a nation of conservatively-chested women cheered. Here was an in-yer-face (in-yer-eye, if you’re not careful) trend that gave girls of modest breast a chance to shine in the bra department. Huge mammaries do not fit snugly into fashion funnels – fact. So, it was the girls with small to medium boobage who got to prance around with pointy puppies.

Wearing underwear as outerwear is tricky if you’re phobic about exposing flesh. It can be done tastefully with careful corsetry, but this trend really shouldn’t be done by halves. Marion Cotillard fell into that trap at the Golden Globes – a glimpse of slip is hardly rocking the world. If you’re going to do this, there’s no point opting for something that looks like a happy accident. It’s a look that demands you go for broke.

You don’t have to go quite as far as ‘knickers out’ Gaga to turn heads, but the more you’re willing to put on show the better. The way to get it right is to choose whether you’d rather expose your charms or your legs/bum. Going out in both corset and suspenders will result in kerb crawlers with partings pulling up in their Cortinas while you’re waiting at the bus stop. Stick to one or the other.

Hold-ups and hot pants work a certain 80’s je ne sais quois, or you could crack-out our friend ‘the body’ over tights, Sienna Miller-stylee (right).

Much as it pains me to say it, Sienna’s fluffy jumper, ankle boots and faux (hopefully) fur coat are an impeccable match for her pants (shame we can’t say the same for her taste in men – ooooh!)

If you’d rather trip the light fandango with your tops on display, a nude corset ticks two trend boxes and looks hot with black jeans and huge heels.

Or you could pair this figure-flashing body with a sexed-up bodycon skirt – aye carumba!

Whatever your choice, do a bit of extra scrubbing in the shower so the skin you show is smooth and silky – and if you pull as a result of this top-flight fashion advice, I’d really like to know. It will be more surprising if you don’t.

Perfect for a night out in Tooting Broadway (by Evil Twin):

Written by Johanna Payton