Since I was about 18-months-old, a miniature fashionista if you will, I’ve had a problemo with gold jewellery. There’s just something too Lizzie Duke about it for my refined tastes. My wedding ring (yes, sorry boys, I’m hitched) is platinum; my ‘Carrie’ chain (which actually says ‘Johanna’, not ‘Carrie’, because that would be dumb) is silver; and the vast majority of my costume jewellery – and there’s a lot of it – is bold, bright and chunky. There ain’t no gold ‘cos I ain’t no B. A. Baracus. Fool.

I love, love, love a fancy jewel. I have a major pash for ridiculous, chunky rings, the likes of which you would probably find in a seven-year-old’s dressing up box. If it looks like you could eat it, I’ve probably bought it. If I haven’t got a statement ring somewhere on my right hand, I feel naked. I forgot yesterday and had to make an emergency purchase in Euston Station. Yes, this is my life. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate without it.

Anyway, it’s a good job that I’m less about the yellow ankle chain and more about the phat in-yer-boat-race fashion. Statement jewellery is everywhere and a woman could go beserk. Just look at that bunch o’ bangles to the right from Accessorize…*dribbles*. Unsurprisingly, my accessory drawer – which also houses the sex toys and contraception – overfloweth.

I don’t know where to start when it comes to the best pieces out there. So I’m going to let an expert do my job (while I pop out and buy yet another necklace that exceeds my bodyweight).

Sue Dean is joint MD of Miglio Designer Jewellery, and when it comes to this summer’s bling, she says that statements with a geometric, tribal and personalised twist are hot property. ‘Jewellery should always complement what you are wearing, but the good thing about wearing statement pieces is that they enhance, as well as draw the eye to, the good bits,’ says Sue. ‘From a plain black dress with a knock-out necklace to a floral playsuit with a delicate silver chain, fashion and accessories are designed to be fun this season.’

Sue agrees that some of my fave SS10 trends are working well with BIG accessories. ‘Nudes, pastels, florals and lace work extremely well with heavy chunky metals and an accent on the old favourite, the charms. Not just with bracelets but also with necklaces too, adding pendants and charms in your own style.’

If you’re styling yourself up for a summer soiree Sue’s hot tip is Miglio’s necklace combining shell, baroque pearls, crystal and beads teamed with a rose enhancer; for the beach, Sue would draw your attention to this v appealing tribal-inspired necklace which can be worn as a low slung belt or long necklace, and can be teamed with this elephant enhancer (which sounds rude, but isn’t).

And when it comes to The Statement, Sue is totally batting for my team. ‘Go with the biggest piece you can, to stop people in their tracks,’ she says. ‘Don’t be scared to really go over-the-top with a burnished silver belcher chain and then add a Swarovski crystal heart enhancer, effectively designing your own hero necklace.’

As for me, queen of high street purchases, I can’t get enough of huge floral rings like this one from New Look and this rose beauty from Accessorize. (I even got a £2 floral surprise from Primark, but don’t spread it around.)

Necklace-wise, loving the feather bead lariat and leather flower collar from Topshop, and if you’re after a bracelet with a bit of bite I’m fond of the heart shell bracelet, stud stretch cuff, floral print bangle and oval stretch bracelet by FCUK.

I did warn you that my jewels look like they’ve been made by pre-teens on acid. But we all have our cross to bear.

Nice jewels from Miglio

With thanks to Sue Dean and Sarah Wolf @ Diablo

Written by Johanna Payton