Toe stoppers

I’ve been inspired to write about shoes this week because one of my much-loved retailers (that’ll be Faith) has gone into administration. Gutted.

I love Faith because they always have a wide selection of shoe-age, from the ‘feck me sideways’ boot to those cute ‘n’ funky Rocket Dog pumps that never stay put on your plates. They also have better sales assistants than their oft-snotty rivals, Office. And they are fairly cheap.

I won’t lie to you, I don’t understand the ins and outs of financial meltdown, so I dunno if Faith are set to disappear altogether or find a saviour. I do know that their website is broken, so I can’t show you the gorgeous, nude heels I bought today. I also know that the demise of the brand wasn’t weighing all that heavily on my mind when I purchased said stilettos with a 20% discount this afternoon. Fiddling while Rome burns, that’s me.

Anyway, the shoes are bloody gorgeous. And very high.

I love looking at/lusting after toe-squashers, but I’ll tell you a secret – I can barely walk in anything other than a wedge. Every year I dig my heels into the safety of my boots until the weather demands a peep toe (let’s face it, hardly ever). Put me in a pair of skyscrapers and I tot about like Eddie Izzard in drag. It ain’t purdy. I probably spent too much time in my 20s lolling around in trainers and thinking that was cool. What a loser. I should have been spending my pre-parenthood salary on Jimmy Choos while I had the chance, powering through the bunions.

Anyway, I’ve made a conscious decision to try harder and to stop buying modestly-heeled Primark specials because I can just about stand-up straight in them. It’s time to get serious.

Thankfully, this summer is a good time to go grown-up-shoe-mental. As per my new purchase, neutral footwear is the only way to go if you really want to rock the nuddy trend. Anything else looks like a cop out, especially with a nude dress. Miss Selfridge do a basic platform and Topshop’s Saffron strappies work the trend too. Unsurprisingly, Jimmy Choo boasts the perfect patent pair and I might manage these Reiss weaved platforms without breaking my neck.

Caged heels are massive and provide a birra balance. Aldo’s 80s-inspired peep toes are doing it for me, as are the whiter than white platforms by Dune. I’m also fond of Next’s pink cage platforms and for a sexy night out, Steve Madden’s black caged shoes are cute as.

I always think, if you’re going to do heels, you might as well go for broke. Dune’s striped courts have just enough nautique to be kitsch and cool and I’m in lurve with these floral ‘bow peep’ heels by Irregular Choice. You’ll deffo turn heads in a pair of bonkers printed platforms from Office and if I wasn’t destined to die in these knockout technicolour peeptoes, I would actually buy them.

Then there’s these delicious, delightful Louboutins, which make me feel funny inside…but then I wouldn’t be the first chick to bust out pink Lou-Lous, would I?

I can’t talk about shoes without going green, and my pick of this summer’s offerings are the twist and knot platform wedge from Dune, Next’s 2010 green platform (I’m still wearing last year’s version), Carvela’s courts and the vintage-tastic, 5inch platforms from Office. Hmmmm, dreamy.

Finally, I know they’re out there, I’ve seem them with my own peepers, but if I catch any of you wearing trainers with heels you’ll be banned from this blog. Forever. Got that?

Cat Deeley rules in these strappy sandals

Written by Johanna Payton