Come shop with me (part 2)

Ooh I had a very busy morning on your behalf and found some of the bestest buys of the moment to be found in H&M and River Island.

H&M is stuffed full of delights right now.

There are 80’s inspired jumper dresses, girly minis with floral motifs in blacks and nudes, beautiful nude dresses with a Grecian twist, dusky pinks, muted khakis and in-yer-face party dresses to die for.

I love the graphic print dress (above left), for starters. Total bargain at £24.99 it would work for day or evening wear and the (included) belt is very natty indeed.

Also new on the racks is the lovely bird print dress to the right (£29.99). It has an Oriental vibe and is definitely a dress that could work throughout autumn and winter – possibly even into spring with the right sandals.

It retails at £29.99 and I’m seeing it with ankle boots and a faux fur jacket. Lush.

I know we don‘t want to think about Christmas yet, but I like to focus on having an excuse to dress up (or should that be overdress up?).

The party dresses have started to land and while I was seduced by an emerald green one shoulder number, the H&M buy I decided to tip big is the 80s inspired bandeau dress on your left.

I won’t lie to you, I did have to con my body to get into it (I told my bum it was 1989) but once you’ve squeezed in, there is plenty of structure to hold your bits and bobs in place (even if you’ll struggle to sit down). It may well be my New Year’s Eve cocktail party dress – and only £34.99.

Moving on now to River Island. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favourite shop, but I found some total gems today.

Lots of the stuff in there looks miles better on than it does on the rail, so I urge you to have a rummage and a good, long session in the changing room.

First up is the little ensemble to the right, featuring a crop floral shacket (so they say) with military finish (£29.99) and casual khaki joggers (£26.99) – grey t-shirt model’s own (ha!). This is excellent for everyday wear over the next eight weeks and definitely a look you can wheel out again in spring. The jersey pants will last forever.

I’m absolutely loving the next look (left).

Fitted splash print maxi skirt (£24.99) teamed with a pointelle jumper-dress £39.99 that appeals to every last little bit of goth left in me.

It’s very much a day look, but if I go back to purchase these items (highly likely) I might wear them to the kids’ Halloween party I’ve been invited to. The kids need the grown ups to be wearing the latest high street fashion, you know.

The jumper-dress will also work fantastically with black skinny jeans and military boots.

River Island call it a Peter Pan tunic, and I’m not entirely sure if the item to the right should be worn as a (very short) mini dress or a top. Prolly the latter but I like to push the boundaries of decency.

Either way, the gold 60’s inspired design (£34.99) is magic and (hopefully, as you can see this in the pic) the bow details down the back make it extra special.

For a full-on 60’s vibe you could wear it with opaques and gold platforms, or for a more modern take perhaps tweed trousers and a wedge would be in order.

Finally, back on the party dress tip, who on earth could resist the baby you’ll see below – full-impact kaliedoscope dress with padded shoulders?

How I ever left the shop with my debit card intact is beyond me.

Written by Johanna Payton