Green be my favourite colour, and now Chez has DIY’d her hair red, I reckon she might take a risk and bust out (ahem) something of that hue on the live X shows. There ain’t no point having red hair if you don’t match it with something that should never be seen (except on fools).

Although nudes, browns and blacks dominate the high street right now, the odd striking green number is to be found – and it looks all the more dramatic against the overwhelming mass of neutrals out there.

First of my three top buys is the 50s flavour Catherine dress by Yuki at Topshop.

Next up, I love a pleat and this emerald dress from Warehouse is a top purchase for party season.

Finally, she designed my wedding dress (get me) so it’s about time I gave her a nod. LOVE Maria Grachvogel’s signature catsuit in green – the pic below doesn’t do it justice, but check it out on the catwalk. Beautiful, non?

Written by Johanna Payton