Bonfires and bangers

I’m off to a gig on bonfire night – not just any gig. My old man’s in a band, so occasionally (babysitting permitting – I know, rock ‘n roll!) I get to play the part of lead singer’s girlfriend and wear something even more outrageous than usual. You’ve seen the clothes I like, so let your imaginations run wild.

This week, the gig takes place in the great outdoors either side of rockets and bangers let off dangerously close to the crowd by a rather over-enthusiastic pub landlord who fancies himself as a firework display aficionado.

This makes choosing my outfit more challenging than normal. Being trendtastic whilst keeping warm isn’t easy, so I thought I’d dedicate this week’s posts to amazing outerwear that ticks both boxes.

First up, let’s think coats. I’ll definitely either do faux fur or a cape. If the latter, I’m drawn to three wonderful items…

Topshop’s checked faux leather detail Borg collar cape will catch eyes, no matter what you’re wearing underneath:

For an incredibly chic look, there’s the See by Chloe grey cape back coat at Urban Outfitters:

And finally, for something that will out-rocket the rockets, it’s gotta be Erdem’s embroidered wool cape – it really is on fire.

Stay tuned for more outdoor head-turners every day this week.

Written by Johanna Payton