CSWM – perfect party dresses at Topshop

Come shop with me time, dudes.

I went into Topshop today (no surprises there, I know) with a spring in my step and an inexplicable need for bling.

In spite of the fact I’d just left an SS11 preview (more of that soon), my high-as-a-kite spirits – and being drawn to the most sequin-tastic gear in the shop like a moth to a flame – can only mean one thing; the onset of silly season.

Got my first party on Friday and I’m working in my spiritual home (LOOK mag) for the next few days (same as last December), so trying on some sparkle-heavy party wear seemed somehow appropriate.

First off, the black tunic above left. Classic Crimbo shine with plenty of class too.

It’s a knitted piece (so nice and warm) with all-over sequins.

But if you’re feeling a bit braver, the rose version to the right is proper stop-the-traffic stuff.

The photo doesn’t do it justice. It absolutely jumps out at you from the rail. I haven’t quite got the occasion for it in the diary yet, but when I do, I’d be seriously tempted to splash out a cool £120 on it.

I went seriously wild next and tried on two contrasting pieces that I’d probs never wear together (at my age).

If I were to purchase, I dare say I would match the pleated foil mini skirt with a simple vest and a knitted cardi, and the sheer sequin vest (which – shock horror – I can’t find online) is begging to give a smattering of pizazz to skinny jeans and ankle boots.

I’ve been gazing at that mini skirt for some time, and although it does have an odd anti-slimming effect at the waist (it’s the pleat), I do find the colour and the shiny aspect immensely appealing. I must try that matching top on.

If you want to root around for the top, it retails at £32 and I found it in Mecca (aka the Oxford Circus flagship store).

The next dress (right) is just a sensation.

It’s midi length, beautifully embellished, a gorgeous colour (you know how I like my pink) – and it’s pricey. £250 – limited edition. But it is soooo worth it.

And it even has a sexy, low cut v-back. So it will work at parties *sigh*

If you buy it, I might kill you…but send me a photo anyway, so I can drool and turn green with envy.

What I did buy was a bargainous £50 purchase – the lurverley dress below which also seems to have sold out online, so I’ll probs be wearing it along with every other lady of indeterminate age in town at the weekend.

But will they have the fashion sense to match it with this genius floral crop shrug? Huh? huh? Together, these two items spell my ultimate Pretty In Pink moment. ‘I just want to let them know that they didn’t break me’ etc.

The dress what I did buy:

Written by Johanna Payton