Hey big shoppers

According to a poll, the average British woman spends five years of her life shopping.

The poll of 3,000 UK women was commissioned ahead of the Clothes Show Live and reveals that we spend 598 hours (or 37 days a year) tracking down trends – that sounds quite conservative to me.

And the average woman spends £1,000 every year on wardrobe shopping (is that all?), buying an average of 24 pairs of shoes every 12-months. Again, tame.

This is far from something to feel glum about, girls. I say take it as a sign that no matter how much shopping you do, you won’t be the worst one for frittering time and money down Topshop.

Then cheer yourself up even further, with something lush – like this Lanvin-a-like silk ruffle dress in bright blue from Warehouse:

Image taken from warehouse.co.uk

Written by Johanna Payton