Kimberley Walsh’s dress

It may come as no surprise to you that I think Kimberley (pronounced Kim-ber-leh) Walsh is a diamond. Basically, she’s from Bradford (like me) which is all it takes (and prolly what explains my fascination with One Direction – but if I find out out that I went to school with Zain’s parents I will not be happy – it was bad enough when they showed videos of the boys doing karaoke as toddlers to Let Me Entertain You. It aged me 100 years that did.).

Anyway, back to our Kim-Kim. So, she’s a Bradford lass, but she’s also the real-est Girl Aloud and I love her style because it’s normal and usually understated – and she totally rocks a glam frock. Best of all, she’s just so smiley.

In the spirit of Kimberley love, she was out on Thursday opening New Look’s new Dublin store, and looking extra sweet in their spotty tea dress, which will only set you back £34.99 and is as cute as Kimberleh is.

Photo courtesy of New Look.

Written by Johanna Payton