Magical mystery outfit

My other half has informed me that we’re going away this evening. I don’t know where, I don’t know exactly when.

There’s an anniversary looming, see. Last time this happened, we went for an overnight extravaganza in Wandsworth (we live in Tooting) but there’s a sparkle in his eye, which means something more exotic could be afoot (I’m thinking Paris, could be Portsmouth…as long as it’s not Peckham, I’m happy).

But you can appreciate that this semi-surprising turn of events has sent me into a sartorial tailspin – what do you pack when you know not where you are going??? Apart from the obvious spare undies, a ridiculous amount of toiletries (including face packs and magic eye potions that I won’t use in a million years) PJs, day wear and condoms (I did say it was an anniversary), what else should I take…?

The stress inherent in that question got me around to thinking about the perfect ‘all occasions dress’. Something chic, beautiful and appropriate for whatever it might be that we’re doing. Something that will guarantee I’m not over, or under dressed, but still with enough wow factor to be extra special.

If money and time were no object (and if I hadn’t neglected to buy an anniversary present and card for the man in question – need to sort that out as a matter of urgency) I would probably be inclined to rush out and purchase one of the following…

The slash panel swing dress by Kate Moss for Topshop:

The structured red ruffle dress by Warehouse (a black cropped cardi and ankle boots would toughen this up enough to wear for any occasion, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself):

And for ultimate in-your-face-fashion-factor, whether it’s a cosy dinner or clubbing all night (do people still do that?), this Chris Kane dress at Harvey Nicks is bloody fantastic:

I really hope it isn’t Peckham.

Written by Johanna Payton