Rah-rah like Susanna Hoffs

I’m deep into writing my book on 80s trends and during my research this morning I was reminded of the gorgeous Susanna Hoffs – how cool was/is she? Say what you want about (fake) 90s girl power, the chicks in the 80s were beyond cool. Susanna was the coolest.

The chapter I’m writing is about rah-rahs and puffballs – remember them? Hoffs was the queen of the rah-rah. She made it rock, which was pretty hard to do, being so girly and all. And proving that we are firmly back in the middle of the 80s, when you look at pics of Susanna back in the day she’s so right now it’s ridiculous.

If you haven’t already succumbed to a 2010 rah-rah I’d suggest you do so without delay – as per the 80s, Topshop do them best. And if you put the Best of the Bangles on the stereo when you’re getting ready to wear it out, the nostalgia trip will be complete.

There’s the classic crinkle satin tiered rah-rah:

The peacock print mesh rah-rah:

And one Susanna would deffo approve of, the leather studded ruched mini – vavaVOOM:

Images taken from Topshop.com.

Written by Johanna Payton