Shiny skirts

Sticking with the outdoors theme (am still no closer to deciding what I’m wearing on Friday and the forecast is for rain – noooooooooo!) the best thing to do if you’re trying to look glam in a winter garden/field/park situation is to opt for a blatantly blinging skirt that will dazzle all onlookers and take the focus off your chunky layers and practical footwear.

Last year, skirts with sparkle were big in stores, and this year appears to be moving in the same direction.

I was over at Look towers yesterday (my spiritual home), and spotted this lovely little bum-skimmer from River Island (told you I’d be ignoring the ‘new length‘ within a week). Lord knows how you wash it, but such trivial concerns have never bothered me in the past:

Next up is the foil pleated mini skirt, just in at Topshop. I’ve had a candoodle with the matching top and am thinking that the two together could be the ultimate reveal behind my faux fur jacket:

Finally, let’s hear it for Planet’s sequin party skirt, available at ebay’s Fashion Outlet for £49. Yes, it’s the dreaded new length, but knee-covering aside, it also has lashings of glitz and deffo glamour.

Written by Johanna Payton