What dress will Kate Middleton wear for her wedding…

It’s the BIG question – and it’s an important one.

What Kate Middleton decides to wear when she marries Prince Wills defines how she’ll act as a member of the Royal Family. Diana and Fergie were, of course, all show in huge over-the-top designer dresses. Diana was practically drowning in hers – the train was 25ft long for Gawd’s sake – which is sadly symbolic of the way things went.

So, Katie will face the choice of going for a classic, fairytale meringue that makes old ladies coo and will look suitable on the obligatory commemorative mug – or she can be bold and show that she’s of a new generation by choosing something modern, chic and fresh that women who actually care about fashion will appreciate.

From what I’ve seen, a modern design and contemporary designer is more likely. Kate has impressed me with her look on occasion; loved the low-cut pink floor length gown she wore to a charity event last year; I also like her casual style, which has something of the Kate Moss about it.

She certainly isn’t a fashion icon yet, but she looks real (and sometimes, dare I say it, a bit scruffy) and we can all relate to that. By going for an interesting, contemporary wedding dress, that is beautiful and elegant, she’ll set out her stall as a modern princess.

And if she’s brave enough to choose something just a bit edgy – and sexy (she is nearly 30, after all) – I will have ’nuff respect for her (much like Cheryl on the X Factor – but let’s hope the comparison ends there).

I’m going all out and predicting something along the lines of this beautiful asymmetrical silk-crepe gown – available at Net-a-Porter, it’s by Kate’s (reportedly) fave designer, Daniella Issa Helayel. Gorgeous.

Images taken from Net-a-Porter.com.

Written by Johanna Payton