Zain’s all-in-one tracksuit

Last night’s X was such a disappointment in the fashion stakes. Cheryl and Dannii both looked gorgeous, but enough with the nude, floor sweepers already. I thought these two were supposed to take risks…where the hell is the David Koma moment? I demand it.

Still, Dannii wore a classy, asymmetrical Carla Zampatti toga-style dress and her toned-down make-up and hair looked boss.

And although Roberto Cavalli appeals to my inner-chav, I think Cheryl missed the mark in her over-long, over-sparkly, under-corseted gown. And is it just me or does her hair look more haphazard each week? She needs to focus back on championing new design talent – and get herself a new hairdresser (because she’s worth it). Soz, Chez.

The girl contestants were yawn-some too (robot legs? Don’t waste my time – but if you really want to, I believe Cher’s metallic leggings are from Arrogant Cat).

In fact, the only thing that knocked my fashion senses flying last night was Zain’s green all-in-one tracksuit as seen in the rehearsal footage. Utterly gob smacking.

In the name of research (!) I found One Direction’s Diary (oh, yes) on the X site, and looky – they are all parading about in romper tracksuits by OnePiece. It’s like a big fat ad for the brand (well done them).

I’m appalled and enthralled all at once. One part of me thinks, ‘I wouldn’t leave the house in one of those in a hundred thousand million years’, the other part, the George-Doors-jumpsuit-lover bit in me, thinks ‘bring it on’. It’s so far away from chic or acceptable that it’s gone full circle and become a must-have. And just imagine how comfy and warm it is to wear…

See, this is what watching the X Factor is doing to me.

Image taken from onepiece.co.uk.

Written by Johanna Payton