Fabulous and fabulouser

This morning, at 8:15am, after three hours sleep, I went to the corner shop in an ancient hoody, harem pants, biker boots and a faux fur jacket – it wasn’t my most stylish hour.

Ironically, I ventured out in this shameful get-up to buy my copy of Fabulous magazine, and to spot myself and my beautiful friend Rose (wearing crepe tea dress by Jasmine Guinness at Very in the pic – I’m in Topshop, obvs) posing in a piece about being a ‘style muse’.

We had a lovely time on the shoot (hopefully I’ll be able to treat you to some exclusive pics from the day here soon) and Rose said such lovely things about me that I had a bit of a beef (that’s cry in Yorkshire speak) over my breakfast…

…and the other reason I’m so tired and emotional? Well, last night was prom and what a night it was.

Apart from the great vibe and even greater music (press play above to, ahem, get into the groove), we had the perfect excuse to dress up to the absolute max and though I say so myself, we cut rather a dash (if you like crimped hair and 80s accessories that is).

Here we are about to set off, expectant prom queens (we needn’t have bothered – there was a tranny in the house in a jumpsuit – he had the ‘prom queen sash’ in the bag, bah).

Just look at these uber-stylish 80s ladies. Lea (left) is wearing a gorgeous electric blue bandeau that was a staggering £8 (£8!) from George at Asda, together with her sister’s beads (they got a bit broken, but don’t tell). Gill (right) is in a beautiful green vintage find from eBay. The pints just add to the ambience, I feel.

Ah, here we are – the ‘Fabulous stars’ (snigger). Rose’s prom dress (by Sonic, London) rocked with her old skool Nike Terminators. I’m in Warehouse’s Ottaman bustier dress with lace fingerless gloves from Claire’s, past-season resin rose ring from New Look, and enamel-set fili statement ring by Diva at Miss Selfridge.

And here’s the obligatory dance floor shot. Tunes (should that be “choons”? Or is that too 90s?) included Bad Medicine, Walk Like an Egyptian, Back in Black and, of course, Into The Groove. Oh, Madge, you’ve got a lot to answer for.

Style Muse screen grab from Fabulous, 20th Feb 2011.


Written by Johanna Payton