Green shoes, blue knickers

I bought the Vero Moda dress!

Am so happy I could squeal. I took back the Skirt of Satan (that’s how strongly I feel when I’ve gone off something on the way home) I bought originally and exchanged it for the shirt dress of wonder. Now everything is right with my world.

On a roll after the Fabulous (clue!) photo shoot, I also purchased these hot to trot heeled brogues from Office. I might be colour blind, but I think mine are a mint green shade (can’t find them online, but check in-store) – and they’re the perfect feet treats. They look as good under jeans as they do with a dress. Here they are in baby blue…

I think green shoes demand blue knickers (I don’t even know why, really, but it makes sense to me), so when I do step out in the new heels (which are comfy – comfy!) I’ll be busting out my new M&S ruched bra and matching(ish) high rise shorts. Yes, it is even the 70s in my undies drawer.

So now you know.

Image from Office.

Written by Johanna Payton