How to go Foo Fighters crazy

Oh dear. I seem to have fallen in love with the Foo Fighters all over again. Last night was AWESOME. The new top went down a treat (see below) – some nice conversations with fellow rock ladies in the Wembley Arena toilets. Mr Grohl was very sweaty; his beard was very trim; his hair is very long *sighs*

Although my enduring love for the Grohlster (17 years and counting) is purely platonic, check out his sexiest (imho) moment – it’s my birthday gift to you. Enjoy, ladies.

Here’s the outfit I wore in the end (note my beautiful Foo poster in background). I was especially excited because I got this summer butterfly Accessorize charm bracelet and matching necklace from my friend, Juliette, and they matched the blouse perfickly.

I’m off on hols for a couple of days now – and I have some exciting outfits to bust out while I’m away (I’ll subject you to the deets when I return). See you on the other side.

Written by Johanna Payton