Jennifer Aniston new hair and black dress up

Wowser – Jen has had her hair cut.

I feel like I did in 2001 (2001!) when Ms Aniston appeared in Friends season eight with the shorter hair. I’d spent about two years growing mine to match and was devastated. Jen is my number one girl crush, after all, and I like her with long locks (see left – gorgeous).

Maybe she’s decided that, at 42, she needs a slightly more grown-up look (don’t do it Jenny!!) and the lighter hair might reflect the fact that she’s secretly greying a bit under the highlights *wail*

But, whatever her reasons, she looks hot and the blonder barnet is rocking with the very gigi black outfits she’s been championing on the promotional tour of Just Go With It (which I quite liked, to be honest).

My fave of her black outfits was the chic and simple jumper dress she wore in stark contrast to Brooklyn Decker’s fancy tea number. Grab a similar vibe with this gorgeous slash neck knitted dress at ASOS.

And if you prefer the black pants and vest vibe (not sure about the Mr. T gold accessories, JA – but digging the glasses ‘cos they’re the same as mine) have a gander at these satin button trousers by New Look with Cheap Monday’s Ashanti shoulder tank at Urban Outfitters.


Images taken from ASOS, New Look and Urban Outfitters.

Jennifer Aniston photo from Lord_Henry @ flikr Creative Comms

Written by Johanna Payton