Mini break kerazy

I love a mini break. I’ve become so old/anal/obsessed by clothes that the best bit of going away is making my list of outfits and packing them thus. Honestly, a pen and paper are involved. Just wait until I go to Las Vegas in April; I’ll be working on ‘the list’ for weeks beforehand. In fact, I might start now, once I’ve done this post.

So for hitting the road on Saturday, I was desperate to wear the other outfit I bought for the Fabulous shoot (typically, they chose the one I’d knocked together from my existing wardrobe).

I love this look because it’s soooo vintage – but all the clothes are current/spring season. The floral tee and skirt are both from Miss Selfridge – where you’ll find an absolute smorgasbord of beautiful garms at the moment. The vintage-look cardi was about 3p (ok, £8) from Primark.

Saturday night was totally the time to bust out the Vero Moda dress I bored you all senseless about a few weeks ago (sadly, the beige/blue version seems to be sold out, confirming either the huge popularity of this blog, or my knack for picking dresses that appeal to the masses). Loving it with me Office shoes and shiny stockings!

I had to go accessories shopping whilst I was in a town with a shopping centre (any town will do). I already had some lovely pieces with me for the extensive two-night getaway, but added the awesome multi-stoned Topshop ring on the far right to my collection.

And this going home get-up is an oldie but goody (I think). I just wanted to share it because yellow is so massive right now – I love this, for example – and ladies worry that they won’t be able to wear it. Well, perhaps I look like a dufus, but I think yellow rocks (even with my red hair) and this trusty Topshop smock has seen me right for about three years now. It works with biker boots and the obligatory Primark cardi (I loved it so much I bought it in two colours, see?) So if you’re hesitant about yellow, I say try it on before you judge. (NB I didn’t nick the hotel lamp and chair. But I wanted to.)

Written by Johanna Payton