Oasis green skirt and Edited Topshop

On my way to le radio last night (where a spectacular conversation about breasts was had – my whole week has been dominated by boobies), I had a good gaze into the Oxford Circus windows of Topshop and Oasis.

I have to be honest and say that Oasis was very uninspiring – I noticed the same thing in Wimbledon at the weekend. Either they’ve got a dodgy window dresser in service at the moment or their spring range is dull dull de dull. A few bland florals and a denim skirt or two does not a orgasmic Fashion Detective make.

The best of a bad bunch, however, did raise my pulse a little. This suede khaki skirt – on-trend, fab colour, perfect length. Buy!

Topshop, however, have more exciting things to offer – namely their Edited range, which is a cherry-picked selection (by head of design, Jacqui Markham) of pieces from the SS11 collection

The window alone got me going. Totally speaking to me is the embroidered blouse by Boutique, the 50s style border dress, the black daisy print PJ jacket and the black leather front chiffon tee (how HAWT is that?).

But my fave two pieces are this delicious red leather biker jacket (with a fringed back! Awesome):

And these brilliantly bonkers chintz cut-off floral flares:

Images take from Oasis and Topshop.

Written by Johanna Payton