The prom dress

It’s my birthday (my real one, not the blog one) next week and this weekend I’m going to prom (you can’t say, the prom – it’s illegal in 47 states).

Three reasons I’m going to prom; 1) I’m a child of the 80s; 2) I love America / Americans; 3) I get to wear a big dress.

Owing to my obsession with Pretty in Pink, I would ideally like the dress to be, erm, pink. But you need to help me! So far, the only dresses I have loved are a Luella bandeau dress (£270) and a Versace pink crossover (£300). I can’t spend that much on a dress I will wear once (even though they were heavily discounted thanks to TK Maxx). I will actually spew if I shell out £300 on one item.

So perhaps I should choose this….



Or this



Images from Oasis, Topshop, Lipsy and Pretaportobello

Written by Johanna Payton