Boobalicious body shapes

May I draw your attention to a little piece I wrote for The Guardian (and sponsored by Playtex) on body shape.

(That’s obvs not me in the pic – I will show you my clothes, but I draw the line at my under crackers.)

Writing this piece (and another one on the importance of having a bra fitted) made me woefully aware that I hadn’t had my boobies measured up since after my son was born, when my cup size and rib cage (weirdly) took a direct hit in a downward direction.

Having said that, I’d probably been a 32 for years and was trying to make myself feel more womanly by jiggling around in a 34.

After writing the Playtex stuff, I decided to sort my chest out properly, and it seems that while I’m still just about in a C cup (I KNEW power walking with weights must be good for something), I’m down to a 30 – Jesus, somebody buy me a training bra.

I think being a 30 means I have to search for decent underwear from specialist suppliers (TK Maxx did have some nice Calvin Klein bras in my child’s size at the weekend, but the satin butterfly bra I’d been coveting in New Look doesn’t come in my ‘new’ size – bah). At least now I can practice what I’m preaching in those articles, because my charms did feel rather perky in their correct harness at the weekend. And my clothes definitely look better with the right size bra underneath them *FACT*

Image: Playtex

Written by Johanna Payton